About Us

About the ALtruis Biomedical Network

ALtruis Biomedical Network is a patent-pending large network of numerous topic-specific websites focusing on information in healthcare and biomedical research. ALtruis owns ca. 1000 of Internet Domain Names in healthcare and biomedical R&D, which will ensure high volume internet traffic within this network, some of which will be drawn to a site “indirectly” while perusing other websites operated by ALtruis.

The system resembles a large vine with numerous grape clusters, representative of different topics. These web “real estate” assets can drive high volume traffic to sites for product advertising on topic-specific websites.

The ABN is appealing to “consumers” because it offers free distilled healthcare and biomedical research information on various topics like CBD oil. Hundreds of internal links will help consumers find a variety of information under a “single roof”. Furthermore, the websites are clean and easy to read.

The ABN is appealing to advertisers and corporate partners because ads can be placed on multiple websites of direct relevance to the advertised product or service. Our neutral third-party websites are more inviting to consumers than owner-operated websites. And, our high traffic network complements brick- and-mortar companies.

See our media kit for advertising information and pricing. Contact us with specific questions at [email protected].